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Doors: 7:00 PM // Show: 8:00 PM
Ages: 21+

Tickets available @ the door: $16 (cash)
Marella is an Alternative Rock band that was founded in Santa Barbara, California but is now permanently based out of Los Angeles. Daniel Marella is the singer, songwriter, and lead of his own project where he teamed up with producer Max Bienert and mix engineer Carter Jahn to create his highly anticipated debut full length album set to release in June. 
This project stemmed from his formal music education where he felt that modern music was not taken seriously, nor taught at the appropriate university level. His reaction to this negligence is a 13-song album called "Posterboy". The album's contents include songs about his past relationships, imposter syndrome, and growing up. The album was written in the Brandenburg house in Isla Vista, California. Daniel resided at the Burg for 2 years during his time at UCSB overlooking the ocean while living with his best friends. You can hear the 90's and 2000's influence bleed through the record along with its authentic and honest lyrics, crushing guitars, and tight drums. Unlike most artists, Daniel plays and performs most of the instruments and musical parts you hear on this record. 
Daniel met his live band members through the UCSB jazz program, where he used to play drums under the direction and mentorship of Jon Nathan. He credits this program as one that pushed his musical limits and where he has met some of his lifelong best friends. 


(Agoura Hills, CA) - Sir, Please is a band of four best friends from Agoura Hills, California. The origins of the funkadelic pop outfit are still a complete mystery, although numerous theologians have dedicated their lives to uncover the many secrets of old (and failed). What information we can gather through the collected ancient texts is sparse, but informative nonetheless. It is written that Shane Cronin was a semi-finalist in the 2013 Fingerboarding World Championship, whose career was brought to a swift and tragic end when he broke his pinky kickflipping a 10-stair. After dabbling in numerous finger-sports, his passions translated nicely to piano. Michael Leese and Josh Cronin were deep-sea scavengers in the Caspian Sea, on a quest to discover the hidden city of Atlantis. When their search lead them to a resort and spa in the Bahamas, they lost their passion for the pursuit and decided to start a band instead. They immediately pawned off their scuba gear and deep sea medallions for a guitar and bass. David Kohn was the son of two spice runners on a distant planet, whose Force sensibilities were completely unmatched. Though he was still a youngling, he had grown too powerful, and his greed overtook him; there was no stopping the darkness within. Ever since, he has been on a mission to rule the galaxy. He has to play drums on the side, because galactic armies are increasingly pricy. Now, after years locked away in a stinky dungeon together, they’re back for revenge; but against what?

Better Twin

Better Twin is the new indie/Americana project from cousins Spencer Askin of The Gromble and Jared Cohen of Bright Blues. Their mothers are identical twins and if mythology is true then one of them must be evil. For fans of Archers of Loaf / Pedro the Lion / Pavement.

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